Imagine yourself on top of the highest peak of Africa, one of the Seven Summits...


MyWildAfricanAdventures will be offer the best services on your trek. You will be cooked first-class meals all designed to give you the energy you will need to make it to the top and enjoying your expedition. Below you will find the varieties of food you will be served during your climb. Keep in mind, however, that our meals are flexible and your cook has the ability to cater to any special dietary restrictions you may have such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, celiac as well as other dietary requirements. We have trained cooks who prepare all meals on the climb. All our food is hygienically prepared and we provide unlimited safe drinking water.

The sample menu below is for climbers with no special dietary requests or restrictions.

Actually the breakfasts is commonly eggs (scrambled, friend, omelet), toast with honey, jam and butter or pancakes, sausages, and fruit along with a variety of hot beverages like coffee, cocoa, tea, hot chocolate, milo and cooked vegetables.

Lunch and dinner
To start your meal will be offered a soup such as zucchinis, pumpkin, cucumber, carrot, leeks or mixed vegetable with bread. This is followed by a dish of fish, chicken or beef stew and fresh vegetable, corned beef and cabbage, roasted, or curried beef and chicken, served with pasta, potatoes or rice.

Different kind of dessert such as cake or pancake topped with honey or seasonal fruits. The cake and pancakes are freshly made whilst on the mountain and others you will be served.

Afternoon tea and summit climb
We provide an afternoon tea of hot drinks served with peanuts, popcorns and or cookies. For the summit climb we carry snacks such as energy drink, chocolates, cookies and Pringles chips.

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