Imagine yourself on top of the highest peak of Africa, one of the Seven Summits...

The following are letters and emails sent in by trekkers who have booked their climb through us. We try to keep this section up to date, and delete messages that are what we consider 'old’ - rather than relying on recommendations that are years old to advertise our treks. Of course, all these messages are genuine. Some of the people have expressed a willingness to be contacted by potential trekkers to talk about their experience with us; so if you are interested in booking your climb through us we can organise this. Anyway, hope you find them useful:

Hi, We climbed Kilimanjaro in the summer of 2016, during a tour guided by Apollo and Harold and their fabulous crew of porters and cook. We all made it to the summit and it was a lifetime experience that we will never forget. We would certainly recommend climbing with Apollo and his crew!
Ruud Baartmans & Sandra de Geeter
Ruud Baartmans & Sandra de Geeter The Netherlands

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