Imagine yourself on top of the highest peak of Africa, one of the Seven Summits...

11 reasons why you should choose MyWildAfricanAdventures:

Local Company

We are really local company which made up by effort of local people. By booking to us you support the local communities directly.

Porters and guides welfare

We treat porters very well on the mountain by making sure they get three meals per day and we pay them a good and fair wage, on time.

Good price

We are offering quality service with the best and fair price ever.

Profesional guides

The best guides who go beyond of professionalisms.

Our vehicles

Good safari vehicles, our vehicle are 4×4 land cruiser with radio call, binoculars and first aid kit.

Good equipment

The best camping equipments for the mountain and safari.

Your safety

MyWildAfricanAdentures is attentive to safety measures and takes responsibilities for our client very seriously. Our professional guides are trained and skilled specifically for their adventure. They are prepared to prevent, detect, and treat altitude sickness and other expedition’s situations, and employ modern rescue measures and evacuation plans in case of any emergences.


To treat people friendly is our culture, so that we welcome our clients at the airport very friendly and it will continue at all the time they will be with us. We want to make our clients to feel at home, so that when they leave they want to return again and again to have a real holiday and to change life experience.


We are offering accommodations in three categories to make sure everyone has a choice and what he/she was looking for. We arrange booking in quality hotels, lodges, cottages, hostels and holiday resort.

Local entertainment

MyWildAfricanAdentures is our culture to create local entertainments in order to make sure we are going to have cultural experience. Remember Tanzania is a country of polite, friendly and funny people, so that MyWildAfricanAdentures will make sure your present is unique and memorable experience. Let us share the culture together.

Success rate

MyWildAfricanAdentures has very high success rate to reach at the roof of Africa continent (summit) with a big smile. We lead all kind of group, special, private and big groups, we have time for everyone, we will not leave you alone. We will be with you to comfort and encourage you every single minute through sing a rhythm melody of Africa, until you conquer the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.


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Our address

Visiting Address
Engo Sheraton street, Sinon Arusha, Tanzania
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P.O Box 15932, Arusha, Tanzania
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+255 766200514
Apollo Temu
Apollo Temu